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Apple iPhone E-mail Setup

Domain email iPhone Cert issue (March 2018)

    For people using Apple iPhone/iPad and NETPLEX Domain email the new SSL certificate will cause an error dialog box than won't go away.
    Once a SSL certificate has been installed Apple does not allow you to change or remove it on the iPhone/iPad. This is something they don't want you to do so there is no way to update it.
    Normally when you get a new certificate you will be able to select "Continue" or "Details/Trust". After it is installed you will no longer have these an error or these options to install it.

    Three solutions (best first):

  • 1) Use the real server name that matches the SSL certificate. On the email account settings change the IMAP server and outgoing SMTP server to "post.netplex.net" and enable "USE SSL". To do this select: Settings->Accounts->YOUR-EMAIL@ACCOUNT->IMAP (or POP) Account. Change Incoming Mail Server Host Name to "post.netplex.net" Then SMTP->Primary Server. Change Outgoing Mail Server Host Name to "post.netplex.net" and turn on "USE SSL". Select Done, and then back to Account. The select Advanced and turn on "USE SSL". Go back to Account and select Done.
  • 2) Reset all network settings. This will remove the old certificate and allow you to Continue/Trust the new one. This will also reset all network settings like WiFi WPA passwords. Make sure you have your WiFi passwords so the network can be connected again. To do this select: Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings When email is used again it will have a warning that allows you to select "Continue" and will add the new certificate to the phone.
  • 3) Disable SSL for email. This will decrease security for that account and will allow attackers to see passwords when using wireless connections. To do this select: Settings->Accounts->YOUR-EMAIL@ACCOUNT->IMAP (or POP) Account. Then SMTP->Primary Server. Turn off "USE SSL", and set Port to 587. Select Done, and then back to Account. The select Advanced and turn off "USE SSL". Go back to Account and select Done.

Apple iPhone e-mail setup for standard NETPLEX e-mail accounts.

  • Start at "home" (just press the home buttom at the bottom of the phone)
  • Select "Settings"
  • Select "Mail"
  • Select "Add Account..."
  • Select "Other"
  • Select "IMAP"
  • Enter your name for "Name"
  • Enter your e-mail addres in "Address" (username@netplex.net)
  • Enter a description in "Description" (just leave the default as your address)
  • Under "Incoming Mail server" enter Host Name: mail.netplex.net (do NOT use ntplx.net)
  • Enter User Name as your username (user only, do not add @netplex.net)
  • Enter your Password
  • Under "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" Enter Host Name: mail.netplex.net:465 (make sure to include the :465 at the end)
  • Enter User Name as your username (only, no @netplex.net)
  • Enter your Password
  • Select "Save" at the top

If you get a error, return to the mail settings, select the just added mailbox account and make sure that the Incoming server is "mail.netplex.net"and make sure the Outgoing server is "mail.netplex.net:465"

If there are still problems, remove the ":465" from the outgoing server and then select "Advanced" at the bottom and turn off SSL for both "Incoming Uses SSL" and "Outgoing Uses SSL"

Domain mail customers use almost the same setup, execpt they need to use their e-mail server (ie, mail.customerdomain.com) and they MUST disable SSL for the domain mail accout after it has been added. Remember the "User Name" for the the domain mail account is "user%customerdomain.com"

Note the Advanced SSL settings are available only after the account is added.


The Apple iPhone software update version 1.0.1 fixes the problems with mail folders and NETPLEX's IMAP e-mail servers.

iPhone users will be able to use the same folders as they see on our servers after they update their phone.



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